Call for Content

The content deadline for PROSPEX 2020 has now passed and we are no longer accepting new submissions.

Send us your ideas for: presentations, interviews, debates, round table discussions, breakout sessions.

Good news! PROSPEX 2020 is going ahead as a fully online conference. Delivered as a virtual event, there will be a mixture of keynotes, live sessions and pre-recorded content accessible to those who register to attend. There will be question and answer sessions linked to the presentations and networking opportunities in virtual meeting rooms. This exciting forum will aim to capture the spirit of PROSPEX as best it can be under the circumstances and we’ll work to benefit from the flexibility afforded by gathering in a virtual “venue”. Key notes from regulators and industry overviews by respected analysts will provide the context & back drop for the event, assessing the impact of this turbulent year for the industry and looking at the way ahead.

A traditional core will be maintained, with Companies invited to present exciting prospects & investment opportunities to their peers and the financial community alike. Online pre-recorded content and live sessions will be linked to networking sessions for each prospector.

Get Involved! Contact us to be part of this exciting event, to share:

  • Opportunities to participate in recently awarded licences
  • Updates since previous PROSPEX presentations – What happened next? Success stories, lessons learned, twists and turns!
  • Industry trends and updates
  • International investment opportunities
  • COVID-19 impact & future plans
  • Energy Transition – adapting businesses to address the new challenges
  • Any other investment opportunities

Please email your content to Julie Branston & Colin Percival