PESGB knows just how important networking opportunities are at any event! Our virtual event platform will help make networking nice and easy for all attendees thanks to our community discussion boards, private messaging and 1:1 video calling.

We’ve been thinking hard about what made our previous PROSPEX conferences so great for networking, and a meet-up in the Steam Passage Pub just couldn’t be forgotten! So…


Wednesday 16 December 2020

17:15 – 18:15 | The Steam Passage – join us for a pint and a catch-up!

How much have you missed people? Real people? The random meetings with old friends, and the new people with the potential to become old friends in the future? Meetings that are unscheduled, that just happen over a coffee at an exhibition hall or by the coat check-in?

We miss the time after the conference, when the real networking begins and the old stories and legends of conferences past, are told and embellished. When the ‘sixth-former’ in all of you emerges, and you get excited, at the drinks and the company, making fun of each other and telling tales out of school.

We miss standing outside The Steam Passage after PROSPEX (as there is no way to get through the door, too busy) with our feet killing us after a long day! Laughing at the mice running over the sandwiches and the Spanish hams in the deli next door!

2020 has been a strange year and though it’s a challenge we wanted to try and ‘up our game’ with the networking for PROSPEX. So, if you want to come along to Christmas drinks after PROSPEX at the virtual Steam Passage pub you will need:

  • A drink in your hand!
  • To be stood up – it changes the dynamic!
  • Christmas sweaters are optional


What you can expect on the night:
We’ve created 5 themed rooms, each will be manned by a member of PESGB staff or a member to keep the conversation flowing. You can hop between them as you please so bring your best stories of conferences past to regale the pub with. Here are the details of each room;

Room 1 – Queuing at the Bar (jostling with the other delegates to get served)
Hosted by Colin Percival and Martin Durham and Simona Pszon
Ghosts of PROSPEX past, tales from show veterans, legends involving giants of the industry can be retold with new generations. Who did amazing deals and who spent the night in local shrubbery after a particularly heavy PROSPEX?

Room 2 – Outside with the smokers (rebels and those in thermals)
Hosted by Ian Cross and Andy Melvin
Ian and Andy’s sporting focus, from football to dominoes, rugby to table tennis, the big questions are discussed.

Room 3 – Hanging by the Jukebox (providing a soundtrack to PROSPEX 2020)
Hosted by Sam Neighbour and Jamie West
The Damned to Miley Cyrus, which decade had the best, or the worst music, do miss the heady days of Punk, or has lockdown seen you discover new artists!

Room 4 – Stood near the door (too cool to sit but it’s too cold to go outside)
Hosted by Graham Robertson and Freya Jacobs
Holidays I never had in 2020! Oh, what plans we had, did you book for Costa Rica but end up in the Cotswolds? 2020, the year of the staycation, whether you wanted one or not!

Room 5 – Snug at the back around the tables (the comfort seekers)
Hosted by Leanne Smith and Maria Iredale
Covid Curves, has eating become your new hobby, have you thought about applying for Bake off to showcase your new cooking skills, did wine ‘o’clock come around earlier and earlier as lockdown dragged on?


It should be fun, a great end to PROSPEX 2020, which for many is the Christmas get together!

We are doing this because we miss you… see you at the virtual Steam Passage!


Please check back on this page for more information about networking opportunities at PROSPEX 2020 or look out for regular updates via the PESGB social media channels and membership platform.